Our Story

Magic Carpet Care came to life in January 2002. Louis and Heather had had their carpets cleaned by a local company. The result was OK but the people who came in were very messy. (Smoking outside before they came in, all sorts of junk in their vehicle, casual clothes, not on time, etc…)  The carpets were wet for about 2 days.

Louis had been out of work and he decided that it could be a worthwhile business if everything were done to a high standard.  Excellent service was the target. So we looked around at all the different methods and equipment on the market, and selected a German product and process.

Business started off at a very slow pace. There was a lot to learn about how to do everything to high standards.

In that first year, Shane Hansen started working for Magic. He was good at the work from the start and very soon became Louis’ “right hand man”. Over the years Magic took on more men. One by one they were trained and motivated to provide only excellent service. Now we have Shane, Marlon, Joe and Wayne with a combined work experience of 50-odd years. Shane is now Manager. Louis has retired.

We developed our own dry cleaning compound “Dri-Max”

We proudly provide;  Experience    Expertise    Excellence

In 2015, we opened a shop in Victoria Rd, Somerset West where we have facilities to clean almost any kind of loose rug, including persians, shaggys, wool, sisal and modern fabrics like viscose.

Some rugs need to be “dry” cleaned, others are washed with water extraction methods and put on specially made racks to dry.

We also do upholstery, mattresses and roman blinds.

In 2020, Covid arrived. Our dry cleaning product has always contained IPA (Iso-propyl Alcohol) which SANITISES as it cleans and dries quickly.  We observe strict protocols to minimise the risk of working in your office or home.