Welcome to Magic Carpet Care

We take care of all your Carpet Cleaning needs within the surrounds of Cape Town, Helderberg, Stellenbosch.


We observe strict safety protocols to minimise risk. All our staff are vaccinated.

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  • Quality DRY cleaning of carpets using advanced techniques.
  • Wool, sisal, coir, persians, oriental etc. Fitted and loose carpets.
  • Steam cleaning of upholstery and shaggy rugs as appropriate.
  • Wet and DRY cleaning of mattresses, area rugs, as appropriate.
  • A water based or “steam cleaning” process is used for upholstery, mattresses etc.
  • We also clean Quartz Carpet flooring and tiles.
  • All work conforms to the standards of SABS 0245.
  • Cleaning of Roman blinds.

Cleaning Corporate Shops & Offices

Our method of DRY cleaning carpets is the most suitable for shops and office floors. The process we use both cleans and SANITISES. The ALCOHOL in our cleaning product eliminates germs and removes any unwanted guests like FLEAS that might have taken up residence. (This is a frequent problem in Cape Town during summer.) We usually do shops at your closing time, making it CLEAN and even smell FRESH with zero drying time. Offices are usually done Friday afternoons or Saturdays. Chairs and couches are “steam cleaned” at your premises. Our men are experts at what they do.

We still have some customers that started with us back in 2002!


Carpet Cleaning: Using advanced “soft” chemicals, (similar to “wet-wipes”).


Upholstery & Mattress Cleaning: Using strictly water efficient methods.


Non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products used

Well, everybody understands “wet-wipes”. It works on the same principle.

We use a product called DRI-MAX which is an advanced formula, made up of tiny granules of plastic sponge moistened with a “soft” shampoo, conditioning agents, and quick-drying alcohol (IPA). This is applied with a brushing machine that works deep into the pile of the carpet, until each strand is clean and conditioned. The tiny sponges absorb all the loosened dirt and grime as the alcohol quickly dries. To finish, the soiled and now-dry sponges are vacuumed up, leaving the carpets fresh and clean.

Bacteria, dust mites or fleas etc. are effectively removed.  

**Our fresh new formula neutralises odours**

We use this process to clean almost any type of fitted or loose carpets, “persians”, coir, sisal, wool, and other natural fibres.