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Our Guarantee

It can happen that oily substances lodged in the underlay or base of the carpet will re-appear due to “wicking”. We “guarantee” that any spots which have successfully been treated will not re-appear within two weeks or so. If they do, we will re-treat the area at no charge.

What is dry carpet cleaning?

More accurately, it’s a controlled moisture process. We use an advanced compound, made up of tiny granules of plastic sponge, which is impregnated with a shampoo, conditioner and rubbing alcohol. This is applied with a brushing machine that gets right into the pile of the carpet, brushing each strand until it’s clean and conditioned. At the same time any bacteria, dust mites or fleas etc. are effectively destroyed. The tiny sponges absorb all the loosened dirt and grime as the alcohol quickly dries. The soiled and now-dry sponges are all vacuumed up, leaving the carpets carpets fresh and clean.


A small % of the applied DRI-MAX stays in the pile your carpet. This is quite normal and the totally harmless plastic sponge particles will gradually be loosened, come to the surface and disappear with subsequent vacuuming.


Spot cleaning of your carpet is only possible when the carpet is generally clean. After that, if you clean a spot in a soiled area you will just have a clean spot and the appearance will not be good. We suggest you use DRI-MAX only for spot cleaning.

Carpet Care Tips

Regular vacuuming is essential. The dust in your carpet is like sandpaper under your feet. Spillages should be cleaned up as quickly as possible. Always work towards the centre of the area to avoid spreading. Use anything absorbent for wet spills. Paper or cotton towels are usually handy and table salt is sometimes useful. Never use general household cleaners that could bleach or damage the fibres. Avoid pressure marks by using protectors under furniture legs. Try moving your furniture around to vary the wear patterns.

Why clean the carpets? They look fine.

In the cleanest of homes and even if you seldom walk on an area, airborne pollutants and dust particles attach to the fibres. The odd spill of milk or cooldrink leaves a sticky or grimy residue. The oils from your bath leave a track into your bedroom and the fatty deposits on your kitchen floor find their way to the dining room. All this builds up over time. Animals in the home add to the picture. And who doesn’t love their doggy more than the carpets? Unseen dust mites and fleas make themselves at home and need to be removed.

My carpets will never be the same after cleaning!

Many people avoid cleaning their carpets for fear that after “cleaning” they will never be the same. “The marks just re-appear and very soon look worse than before!” they say. This will not happen if you use a professional service with proper training and quality standards. Our dry cleaning process actually retards the re-soiling process. All carpet manufacturers recommend regular cleaning to minimise wear and prolong the life of the product. The more feet in your home, the more often you should clean. We recommend every year or two, depending on conditions.

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